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SENSOR TECHNIQUES is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Strain Gauge based Load Cells / Force Sensors, Pressure Transducers, Mounting Accessories, Weighing Indicators, Controllers and Transmitters etc. with headquarters in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), India.

Load cell… What is Load cell? A Load cell is a type of transducer such as like a force transducer. It’s convert force such as tension, compression, pressure or torque into an electrical signal that can be measured and standardized. When force applied to the load cell gently increases, then electrical signal also changes proportionally.

Strain gauge load cells are the sort most frequently found in industrial settings. it’s ideal because it is very accurate, versatile, and cost-effective. Structurally, a load cell encompasses a metal body to which strain gauges are secured. The body is sometimes made from aluminum, Tool Steel, or Harden Stainless Steel which makes it very sturdy but also minimally elastic. This elasticity gives rise to the term “spring element”, bearing on the body of the load cell. When force is exerted on the load cell, the spring element is slightly deformed, and unless overloaded, always returns to its original shape because the spring element deforms, the strain gauges also change form. The resulting alteration to the resistance within the strain gauges will be measured as voltage. The change in voltage is proportional to the number of force applied to the cell, thus the number of force will be calculated from the load cell’s output.

There are some common several types of strain gauge load cells :

  • Bending Beam Load Cell / Beam type Load Cell
  • Pan Cake Load Cell / Compression Load Cell
  • Single Point Load Cell / Platform Scale Load Cell
  • Shear Beam Load Cell / Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell
  • Canister Load Cell
  • S Type Load Cell
  • Rope Sensor / Wire Rope Load Cell / Rope Tension Load Cell
  • Tension link Load Cell
  • Load Pin / Axle Pin Type Load Cell
  • Rocker Pin Load Cell
  • Weighbridge Load Cell / Truck Scale Load Cell