Load Cell Controller

What is a Load Cell Controller?

A device called Load Cell Controller is connected with a Load Cell to convert the electrical signals from the Load Cell to readable real-world values. So, it can measure physical values such as Load, Weight, Torque, Pressure, Stress and Strain from one Load Cell or multiple Load Cells.

The Load Cell has a measuring excitation circuit. The excitation voltage supplies to the Load Cell for its best performance then output from the Load Cell is relayed to the Load Cell Controller where it can store and processed.

The digital display interface of the Load Cell Controller can take real-time measurements. Now, where the price is an important factor then the Load Cell Controllers features can vary from product to product. Peripheral devices like a computer or a remote display unit can be capable of communicating with powerful Load Cells and they can help to store values in the computer storage drive for further analysis.

Most Load Cell Controllers are available with many mounting facilities such as like desk mount, wall mount or panel mount.

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